Sifact is a web-based software solution for Electronic Invoicing that meets the needs of organizations of all sizes.

Our system complies with all tax law requirements and provides important functionality for anyone in the need to electronic invoicing in Mexico.

Sifact Databases

- Sifact Databases allow to store information into the Sifact User´s account required to generate CFDI reducing time loss, data and errors when more information is detailed on each CFDI.
- Issuer´s taxing info such as CSD, taxing regime, emails, addresses and other details can be saved and edited as many times as needed.
- Clients details can be recorded and managed, and so the Products or Services traded using keyword search on Catalogs SAT.
- Data is registered only once, any update is saved right the way and these changes will be reflected on any other device thanks to Sifact Accessibility.
- Once generated certified CFDI, they will be stored up to 10 years on 5 international servers.
- Other CFDI providers allow a limited storage, changes on data only for 1 device or changes must be required and processed. The free system SAT do not offer any Databases.

Updates, Maintenance and Catalogs SAT

- Sifact includes the system Maintenance cost and any Updates that the authority SAT demands with no need to buy and install additional licenses.
- Catalogs SAT are a set of official lists established by SAT limiting the available options for taxpayers on lists such as: Product or Service Description and Unit of Measurement; other Catalogs are required during CFDI generation process. Sifact includes the officially updated Catalogs SAT, and tools that ease recording and searching using keywords on wide Catalogs.
- There are CFDI providers that charge Maintenance fees through leasing plans and obligatory minimum contracts, others charge Updates anytime the authority SAT requires changes or simply charge periodic Updates. Software Installation can incur an additional cost, so may Support

Automatic email service

- At Sifact, any User can assign up to 2 email addresses on My Profile as issuer and set another 2 for the Client or receiver.
- When a CFDI is generated and certified correctly, our server makes an Automatic Delivery to all emails assigned. Can be forwarded as much as needed.
- It is VERY important to make sure that the recorded emails are correct without errors. If Automatic Delivery is not received, then we can check other folders like: bulk folder, recycling bin, spam.
- Some CFDI providers limit delivery to only 1 or 2 emails, do not allow to set for Client or may not be able to forward further. SAT do not have any option for Automatic Delivery

10 years Insurance on 5 international servers

Only Sifact assures service availability using 5 international servers, this means that processes of generation, certification and storage CFDI can be done in any of our 5 international servers located in Mexico, US and 3 cities in Spain. This combination minimizes the risk of losing valuable information that can be translated into taxing Consequences and reduces probability of failures even due to facts out of Sifact´s control like services fails on power, internet, natural disasters, etc.

Unlimited Support

- Sifact includes Unlimited Support; all the necessary calls and time in order to operate Sifact software by the User through technological means during working days and hours.
- Some CFDI providers limit the number of calls, others the amount of time for Support pushing to purchase additional products if required. In some cases, is not even included and others do not even attend for Support. SAT do not offer any Support whatsoever

Multi location software

- Sifact is the online software accessible from any web browser, any equipment including mobile devices with NO installation required or download any programs, it is only required an internet connection. It can be Accessed simultaneously on multiple locations without purchasing and installing additional licenses on devices.
- NO need to upload files nor new information to our Databases to generate CFDI, once info is registered, allowing flexibility and mobility 24/7.
- Use it anytime, anywhere. Service availability and CFDI certification are guaranteed by 5 international servers stored up to 10 years.
- Most CFDI providers charge the software, licenses, downloads, memberships, etc.; not satisfied they could charge leases, penalties and even Support. In many cases service is limited to only one device per license, with simultaneous usage restrictions and sometimes without mobile options.

Any Type of CFDI, accumulative, no expiration with your logo

- Sifact allows to emit any Type of CFDI standard without functions limitations or characters limitation in order to detail everything is required. Includes Related CFDI tools without Complements.
- On Sifact, all Users can upload their logo from any device and will be included on each CFDI generated. CFDI are cumulative and have NO expiration timeframe, only at Sifact.
- Many CFDI providers offer very attractive prices with a close expiration date, do not allow to accumulate those that were not consumed on the established time or limit the Types of CFDI to charge each separately. There is no option to include logo on SAT´s version.

The Types of CFDI, according to their nature, are divided on:

  • Income. Invoice, Professional fees Receipt, Lease Receipt, Donation Receipt, Upfront
  • Outcome. Credit Note, Debit Note, Refund Note
  • Transfer. Transportation Receipt, Quote

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