Solutions for 1 RFC or User that allow CFDI emission. CFDI credit requests can be done to any Provider or Retailer with an account on Sifact Business. Received credit is NOT transferable to other Users on Sifact Users.

Sifact user products

CFDI Prepaid

  • Get from 10 CFDI without expiration and cumulative.
  • CFDI Prepaid offer options according to User or taxpayer´s needs.
  • CFDI Prepaid works like credit recharge without any obligation to meet a given period.
  • Prices per CFDI drop as amount increases. Payments and billing are made by any Sifact Provider selected by the User.

CFDI Contract

  • Starting at $29 MXN per month receive 25 annual CFDI accumulative with no expiration.
  • CFDI Contract has multiple plans which allow to differ or finance the payment for a year.
  • CFDI Contract sets a fee in exchange to provide the agreed CFDI on a given period. It can be purchased CFDI Prepaid packages If run out of credit; unused CFDI are accumulated and do not expire

CFDI Unlimited

  • The choice for high level of invoicing requirements, NO limit on the amount of CFDI emitted by the User.
  • CFDI Unlimited establishes a monthly fee and an account system setup without penalties.
  • CFDI Unlimited is for the use of only 1 User and cannot transfer any credit to other Users

How we are different.

Not sure if you are making the right choice?

  • Sifact
  • Contpaqi
  • Sicofi
  • FEL
  • Aspel
  • Free SAT
SifactContpaqiSicofiFELFactura.comAspelFree SAT
Free SAT
Costs and limitations to the tool required to generate CFDI
Extraordinary charge to obligatory updates, can be periodic
Periodic payment associated to service usage no matter consumption
No Contracts
Obligation to comply a given period with penalties
Multi location
Ability to use the Software simultaneously with other locations
Capacity of usage on any equipment, mobile devices and smartphones
Storage of Taxpayer´s information, clients, products and CFDI
Email sending
Automatic email sending of certified CFDI to issuer and receiver
Unlimited Support
Quantity and Quality of the Support provided about the Software´s use
CFDI acumulatives
Permission to accumulate non used CFDI. Unlimited plans do allow it
CFDI no expirarion
No term applies for the CFDI use. Unlimited plans include it
1 year Insurace
Information storage for 1 year, sometimes through periodic payments
1 Local server
1 Local Channel for CFDI generation, certification and storage
10 year Insurace
Information storage for up to 10 years
5 Intl Servers
5 International Channels for CFDI generation, certification and storage
Base Price
Total minimum cost 1st year. Prices plus taxes
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Sifact – 25 prepaid CFDI accumulative, no expiration.

Contpaqi – Basic Software, Update, Mobile, minimum support (20 hours – $11k), plus optional installation at $650 and $750 per hour.

Sicofi –  55 CFDI

FEL –  25 CFDI expiring after 1 year – 250 CFDI expiring after 1 year; 3 clients (+1 on $199 year) and 1 location (+1 on $249 year)

Aspel –  Basic Software (SAE $15k), Update, 12 Basic monthly (1 client) + mobile fees, minimum support (unlimited – $7k)

Free SAT –  No charge on this option provided by SAT


* The Comparative table Sifact Users is an interpretation of features offered by some CFDI emission services, has informative purposes and is aimed to Users. Sifact reserves the right of the contained information; this investigation is not an exact reference and is subject to changes without previous notice.

Start sending electronic invoices today!

Frequently asked questions

“Electronic invoicing” or “Digital Tax Receipt by Internet” (CFDI – Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet) are certified taxing documents which have the purpose to account and record taxpayers’ operations performance according to the standards established by SAT on the Annex 20 of the Taxing Miscellaneous Resolution (Resolución Miscelanea Fiscal).

CFDI emission in Mexico consists of proving operations through digital taxing receipts certified by an Authorized Provider recognized by the taxing authority, SAT.

The Types of CFDI are divided on:

  • Income. Invoice, Professional fees Receipt, Lease Receipt, Donation Receipt, Upfront
  • Outcome. Credit Note, Debit Note, Refund Note
  • Transfer. Transportation Receipt, Quote

Starting on January 1st 2011, in Mexico is obligatory the use of electronic invoices for large taxpayers. The deadline was extended to all businesses until 2014.

Companies issuing electronic invoices must keep track of the invoices issued, by storage or backup of digital receipts, so as to have on hand for any clarification required by SAT in the future.

These data must be generated, transmitted and protected by electronic means.

The sanctions and Consequences for taxpayers that issue or use electronic invoices that do not comply with current regulations will be the same than the sanctions for tax fraud, i.e., closing business facilities and sentences from 6 months up to 9 years of freedom deprivation depending on the amount involved.

Security on Taxing Information includes the means, processes and mechanisms used to guarantee that the generated information is stored properly and can be recover anytime if needed.

No matter who, it is priority to prevent any suspicion or action from taxing authorities; not to mention possible Consequences that can end up in fees, tickets, audits and other legal and judicial proceedings affecting solely to the unaware taxpayer.

In the case that information is requested officially and is not submitted during the deadline, we can incur into tax evasion suspicion –federal felony-. The sanctions and Consequences for taxpayers that issue or use electronic invoices that do not comply with current regulations will be the same than the sanctions for tax fraud, i.e., closing business facilities and sentences from 6 months up to 9 years of freedom deprivation depending on the amount involved.

Sifact generates internally the required files with taxing data from issuer and receiver, plus all the operation´s details that the user includes on the receipt.

Whenever the user decides to, Sifact will communicate live directly to validate the information, digitally certify through our Certification Authorized Provider PAC and recognize the CFDI by the Taxing Management Service SAT.

CFDI certification process may present some delays depending on the traffic of the information since it is used services from external providers for the communications. Failures in Sifact are virtually non-existing due to our 5 International Servers that allow to connect automatically to the next server in seconds no matter locations nor geographical distances.

Once the document is certified, a unique identification number is generated called “folio fiscal” which is used verify the authenticity of any CFDI. Sifact sends a copy to the issuer and receiver established for the operation and the CFDI is stored on databases of the SAT, PAC and Sifact.

Only Sifact allow instant retrieval of the information of certified CFDI anytime for up to 10 years from any of our 5 International Servers offering the highest level of Security on Taxing Information.

Register and create your Profile totally FREE on Sifact. All you need if your taxing data such as RFC, address, regime, upload CSD files and password –Digital Stamp Certificate (Certificado de Sello Digital)- which is obtained using the Fiel or Electronic Signature (Firma Electronica) handed directly by SAT. CSD files can be uploaded by the user once expired and are updated.

Once registered, Log in to your account with Sifact username and password selected on Registration. Change password as much as needed. Register Clients and Products. Update any data or information on your records. Use search engines that ease searches on extensive lists like Catalogs SAT.

Renew and request for CFDI credit anytime to the selected Sifact Provider. Determine the amount of invoices requested and the total will calculate automatically according to the chosen Providers´ list of prices; payment options are given by each Sifact Provider and may vary. When the payment for the CFDI credit request has been proven, the Provider will transfer credit to the requester issuing directly the CFDI of the operation.

It is necessary to record at least 1 Client, define at least 1 Product and have enough credit for issuing CFDI.

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